Success requires leadership

We need leaders with a new kind of intelligence who understand heart, mind and soul, are mature and aware of how their behavior affects their leadership skills – and develop. Start with yourself, become a leader others follow and deliver improved results.


Results of executive coaching

  • 70% increase in individual performance
  • 50% increase in team performance
  • 48% increase in the organization’s performance  (Source: ICF)


 I help you develop important skills to become a future leader

You can e.g. achieve the following improvements in your performance:

Self-aware, engaging and inspiring leadership


  • Aware of your character, values, thoughts and feelings – as well as unconscious strengths & areas of development.
  • Breaks down self-imposed limitations.
  • Permanently changed,  strengthened empathy, behavior, impact and better to withstand pressure and shock.
  • Enhanced social skills, professional networking and privacy.
  • Higher motivation.
Better to communicate, delegate, resolve conflicts and make decisions
  • Greater emotional intelligence that strengthens your respect, confidence and relationship with your team.
  • Authentic and stronger communication and collaboration towards the vision.
  • Better at spotting problems, setting goals and making faster and better decisions.
  • Strengthen the team, its work effort and accountability to better handle the pressure for increased performance.
  • Better to lead up, down and in matrix.
Increased efficiency, adaptability, well-being and results
  • Increase the teams speed, strength and resilience to change and shock so you achieve the goals.
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, absence etc.
  • Better to attract and retain employees.
  • More customer-ambassadors.
  • Higher income.
  • Role model for leaders and employees and for continuous improvement/change.
  • Be guided towards your key goals.

This is how I can support you in tackling and overcoming your challenges

  • Develop your assertiveness, authenticity and personal leadership style so that you have greater impact, can implement strategies and engage your team effectively.
  • Become better at understanding yourself and others so that you become better at communicating, resolving conflicts, collaborating, identifying problems, making decisions and setting goals.
  • Become better at creating trust, motivating and strengthening your colleagues and/or your team, so that you can better handle the pressure from increased performance and change.
  • Overcome frustration and find clarity about your direction as well as plan the necessary steps to ensure you are on the right path.
  • Impartial, confidential and professional sparring on your managerial issues so that you get greater peace of mind, a better overview, increased profits and more easily reach your goals.
  • Develop your talent: Support managers, project managers and specialists.

Leadership makes or breaks succes

There are many models for leadership coaching, but I have chosen mainly to work with the ‘Executive Intelligent Leadership® Coaching’ method because it defines, connects and measures a leader’s behaviour, maturity and leadership skills with personal, project, team and organizational performance.

The method has been voted the world’s leading leadership development method for the past five out of six years.

Selected companies and experience

Vision-driven CRM/CEM, Empowerment and Change:

  • Provinsbanken (Danske Bank)
  • Nordlyset (ALKA)
  • Codan/Royal Sun Alliance
  • Sonofon (Telenor)
  • Shell European Oil Products
  • Lowe Friends (del af Lowe WorldWide)

Executive Coaching:

  • Koro
  • Novo Nordisk
  • Region Sjælland
  • Service Corporation International

DJØF Mentoring – Candidates from i.e.:

  • Deloitte
  • Den Saudiarabiske Ambassade
  • Implement
  • IT EPOS (del af Oticon)
  • KPMG
  • LEGO
  • Leo Pharma
  • Siemens Gamesa

Det siger klienterne

Transformative leadership development

Super sparring partner who has given a significant return with increased clarity and progress

Birgitte has made a profound impact on my life

Great leadership is not about being in charge, but about inspiring others to find their own way